The Hunger Moon

Branches with snow copyright Nancy Noll Kolinski


Tree branches with snow

A log drying on the hearth

Fig tree wrapped for Winter

Firewood on hearth copyright Nancy Noll Kolinski

Fig in Pot copyright Nancy Noll Kolinski

In the Old Farmers Almanac there is a name given to each full moon of the year. Starting tonight is the full moon known as the Snow Moon or Hunger Moon, because it appears during one of the coldest months. The full moon will last Wednesday through Friday, February 16-18.

As the name aptly describes, here in the Northern Hemisphere we are at a time when the ground is still frozen and not much is growing. But we are also past the half-way point between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox; so Spring is right around the corner!



Mahonia bealei (Leatherleaf mahonia)

Spring crocus

Welcome to Spring

So welcome to my redesigned web site, and my new blog. Well, I guess it’s a blog. Basically the web site suggested I put something here.

I’m going to try to write a monthly to quarterly update on what’s going on with dreamflower, including new product releases, what’s going on in the garden, and anything else I feel like people might be interested in.

Since Spring is upon us, I’ll start gently with a few photos. Enjoy!

Scilla siberica (Siberian squill)


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